'Nightmare Before Christmas' Sequel To Be Released Next Year


Can you believe The Nightmare Before Christmas was released all the way back in 1993? Tim Burton's fantasy animation became a cult classic and is still shown on TV religiously every single year on the run up to Christmas.

If for some strange reason you still haven't watched The Nightmare Before Christmas you can buy the DVD here.

But what's this about a sequel? Well before you start planning your trip to the Cinema to watch it, I have some disappointing news. The sequel will be in the form of a comic book. Your trip to the cinema will have to be swapped for a trip to a comic book store. 


Still, if you enjoyed the movie as much as I did, buying the comic book is an absolute must. The comic book will be titled The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero Journey and will expand the story beyond the original film where we will follow Jack Skellington's ghost dog Zero on a festive adventure around Christmas Town.

The comic books are set to be released as single issues in full colour to comic book stores before being released as a full story book in volume. 

Are you excited about the release of a sequel in the form of a comic book? 


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